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Our Mission:  We are committed to improving and maintaining the health of the people of the communities we serve.

Tours of Hospital

Ionia County Memorial Hospital provides tours for students and community groups interested in seeing firsthand how the hospital goes about serving its patients. If you would like to schedule a tour, or get more information, please contact us by reaching Mary Thacker, Volunteer Coordinator at 616-527-4200, ext. 270.

Hospital Tour Guidelines


To provide a positive experience for you and your group, we ask that you review and follow these guidelines:

  •  Two weeks prior notice of requested tour will allow adequate time for scheduling and preparation. Please be prepared to provide all of the pertinent information such as number of tour participants, number of chaperones, if interested in a correlation between subject matter at school and the human body/anatomy, career goals, etc…

  •  During your visit, be aware of our need to protect each patient’s privacy. The hospital’s confidentiality policy safeguards our patients’ right to privacy. We are not at liberty to discuss patient conditions and some areas may not be able to be toured.

  •  If you are interested in donating items to patients, please check with the hospital first to ensure that the items are appropriate.

  •  Some of our patients are on restricted diets, so it is important to regulate their food intake. For this reason, we restrict refreshments brought in by outside groups. If your group wishes to give something to the patients, little token gifts are a nice substitute. May we suggest small items such as pads of paper, books, and playing cards. Again, keep in mind the various age groups of our patients (infant to elderly).

  •  Mylar balloons are the only type that can be given to the pediatric patients. Hospital guidelines prohibit the distribution of latex balloons, due to concerns over possible allergic reactions and choking.

  •  Visitors to the Ionia County Memorial Hospital must be free from any signs of infection (cough/cold/fever). Anyone exposed to chicken pox (and who has not yet had chicken pox) will not be allowed to participate. Group leaders will be responsible for screening members prior to the visit. We will take precautions to protect visitors from exposure to contagious of infectious patients.

  •  Large groups can be overwhelming to patients, you may be asked to limit the size of your group (this depends on how many patients are in the hospital at that time). Also, help us maintain a quiet environment by avoiding unnecessary noise.

  •  Consider wearing nametags. This will enable staff to remember everyone’s name at a glance and make your visit more personal. (The hospital does not provide these)

  •  Personal photographs may not be taken of patients.

  •  Discuss with your group (prior to your visit) medical situations they may encounter. Wheelchairs, tubes, machinery, and other medical equipment are part of the hospital environment.

  •  On the day of your visit, a hospital representative or volunteer will meet you and your party in the front lobby, off of Lafayette St.

We realize many of our guidelines may be “restrictive”. Yet, it is our primary objective to provide an enjoyable, but safe tour of the hospital. Ionia County Memorial Hospital is grateful for the community’s involvement, and we thank you for your thoughtfulness and interest in our facility.



Last updated:  17 November, 2008 12:03 PM