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Our Mission:  We are committed to improving and maintaining the health of the people of the communities we serve.

Our Surgery Department


For hundreds of people each year, Ionia County Memorial Hospital provides specialized surgical care that restores health, enhances their quality of living, offers hope for the future, and even saves lives.


ICMH’s Surgery Department is comprised of experienced surgeons, nurses and technicians who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care for our patients.  Our Medical Staff consists of board-certified surgeons  who offer advanced surgical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our surgical nurses are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.


Amy B. Jentz, MD and Ronald A. Hyde, DO, General Surgeons, providing general surgery along with many other surgical procedures including: colon and rectal surgeries, breast lump biopsy, gallbladder surgery, endoscopic surgeries, appendectomy, skin biopsy, laparoscopic surgeries, and much more.


Ray Allard, DO, Orthopedic Surgeon, providing services that include dealing with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments. Surgical services that Dr. Allard will be providing include: knee arthroscopy, total joint replacement (knee and hip), shoulder surgery, hand surgery, rotator cuff repair, open fracture care treatment, closed fracture care treatment, and sports medicine (shoulder, hip and knee).

Out Patient/Same Day Surgery

Having surgery doesn’t have to be a scary experience. At Ionia County Memorial Hospital, every member of our staff works hard to ensure that you have a good experience. Knowing what to expect both before and after surgery can be a big help in easing any concerns you might have. The guide we have compiled here will give you tips about what you can do to prepare for your hospital admission and stay, plus information about what to do after you’ve returned home.

Procedures performed at the Outpatient Surgery Center include, but are not limited to:
    Simple biopsies                     Wart removal                             Colonoscopy 

    D & C (dilatation & curettage)                                                 Endoscopy 

    Hernia repair                         Cyst removal                              Vasectomy/Tubal ligation
    Carpal tunnel relief                Gallbladder Surgery                    Appendectomy    

    Laparoscopic Surgery              Colon and Rectal Surgery            Carpel Tunnel Relief

    Knee Arthroscopy                   Hand and Foot Surgery                Rotator Cuff Repair  

    Closed Fracture Care Treatment                                              Shoulder Surgery

    Open Fracture Care Treatment                                                Sports Medicine (knee, hip)

    Total Joint Replacement (Hip & Knee)          


Our Surgical Services Supervisor is Pam Goss, RN.  She can be reached at 616-527-4200, ext. 267 or at email  her at

The Director of Safety and Ambulatory Services is Peter Vestergaard, RN

he can be reached at (616) 527-4200, ext. 223, e-mail:


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