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Our Mission:  We are committed to improving and maintaining the health of the people of the communities we serve.



Cash and Valuables

Usually a few dollars in cash is all you'll need during your stay at ICMH.  Please send jewelry and other valuables home or have them deposited in the hospital safe.  The hospital only assumes responsibility for those valuables which are locked in its safe.


Lost and Found

If you misplace any of your belongings while at ICMH, please notify your nurse immediately.  Items left behind when you leave the hospital are kept by the Environmental Services Department for 90 days.  Environmental Services phone number is 616-527-4200, ext. 258.  Lost and found valuables will be locked in the hospital safe located in the Business Office.


Electrical Appliances

Battery operated devices are allowed.  Light equipment for hygiene and entertainment, such as hair dryers, razors, and radios are also permitted providing they are in safe working order.  Heavy or more unusual equipment is subject to a safety evaluation by the Maintenance Department.  In any case, the use of any of the above items may need to be modified or restricted by hospital staff.


Cellular Telephone

Please do not use.  The use of cellular telephones and two-way radios is limited waiting rooms and lobbies only.  They may interfere with the safe operation of important medical equipment. 


Smoke-Free Environment

We recognize our role in promoting and maintaining healthy lives.  Ionia County Memorial Hospital is committed to providing an environment which contributes to this mission.  ICMH is a smoke-free facility.  Smoking is not allowed in the hospital.  On January 1, 2008 we will joining many other hospitals in the area and become a 'Smoke-Free Campus', which means there will be no smoking allowed anywhere on hospital property.


Fire Alarms/Drills

Do not be disturbed if you hear an alarm.  For your safety, we often check our fire alarm systems and staff preparedness.  We ask that you and your visitors remain in your room during these drills.  If it becomes necessary to relocate patients, our staff will inform and help you.  Do not use the elevators during a fire drill.





Last updated:  29 May, 2008 12:07 PM