How to Pass a Hair Drug Test for Marijuana – Hair Follicle THC Tests

Most people are aware of drug tests. You will note that these tests are usually performed at different capacities. In most cases, they are usually conducted to people who are about to get employed in certain organizations and so on. You will note that most employers are keen to note whether their potential employee is a drug addict or not. This is because there has been cases where employees have become addicts of various drugs in the past. This can negatively affect the productivity levels in the organization. These tests can also be conducted randomly even when you are employed. If you are a weed smoker, you can be subjected to these tests once in a while. What should you do in order to pass this test?

There are several ideas on how to pass weed drug test (hair follicle). These include:

1. Detox your body to pass

There are several products that can help you to detox. These can help to clean any chemical in your body and thereby enable you to pass the test. In this case, you can try to take Ready Clean or Qcarbo32. Ready Clean is one of those products that can help eliminate chemicals in your body. It has actually proved to be very effective. You can buy this product out there in the market. It can help you pass the drug test. You can read more about how to pass a hair drug test for thc here.

2. Substitute a friend’s hair

You can find a friend who does not smoke and then ask him or her to give you her hair. You can then take this hair for testing. However, you must be in good terms with your friends. This can also help you pass this drug test.

3. Use synthetic hair

If you normally smoke high quantities of weed, you can consider this option. You will note that this hair is normally pH-balanced. The good news is that it has almost the same components as those of real follicles. These include: uric acid, urea, creatine and so on. Your synthetic hair of choice should have these components.

Passing a weed drug test should not make you panic. Consider these ideas today and you will not regret.